The Self Upgrade


Sarah helped talk me through the plot of my first romance novel. In short, don't worry about the plot—you know where you're going, now go write.

I haven't touched that novel since we spoke.

I am, however, 11 thousand words deep into a new romance novel in the two weeks since that conversation.

I am also proud of maintaining my writing streak despite a very demanding software upgrade at work this past weekend.

8 day writing streak

It stands at 11,326 right now. Will stop blogging and get back to the scene I'm on with the sleazy banker.

And, for anyone curious, I'm using Writer: The Internet Typewriter with a Pro account ($99/once; $30/yr; $5/mo) to get the stats. It has a nice graph too.

I bought a Pro account ($99 once for lifetime access) for stats & Dropbox backup in December 2016 and haven't looked back since.

I don't like to use systems that get in my way, or systems that lock me in (don't let me export my writing), so Writer and are perfect for me.

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