The Self Upgrade


If anyone else ever wonders why they have the following file: ~/.ruby_history in their home directory, it's because they used Ruby this way:

rlwrap ruby your_ruby_script.rb

rlwrap is a great way to allow command editing from the command line without doing anything fancy in your terminal program. It allows both Emacs-style and Vi-style editing.

Of course, I found this out after I added command logging to my current software project, extbrain. Although the logging I have in my software project is more specific than 'all the input typed in while running rlwrap'.

Of course, this file is a necessary evil, because one of the joys of rlwrap is getting history back.

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The Ruby programming language is, for me, a joy.

I just spent some time trying to work with NewLisp, then Scheme, then Common Lisp and, while those platforms have their merits, they aren't for me. At least not when I have a burning need to get some work done.

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time ruby --disable-gems your-script.rb

This has significant speedup on my machine, of course if you need some gems then you shouldn't do this.

Consider also: – crystal (compiled ruby-like, but not Ruby per se) – mruby (lightweight Ruby)

I haven't managed to get mruby to do what I want with a YAML gem, but that's OK since all this is just premature optimization instead of writing the software I need to write.

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